Pricing – Fulfilment services

Following prices of packaging service (padded envelopes)


General  price is  €0.99/package + VAT


Special discounts you can get:

– 101-500 items per day = €0.85/package + VAT

– 501-1000 pieces per day = €0.80/package + VAT

– Over 1001 pieces per day = €0.70/package + VAT

*If the packaging is easy we can make special discount on prices. If packaging is complex can prices increase.

** Envelopes is not included in prices.

Delivery company prices

All delivery companies pick up in our fulfilment EVERY DAY and drive packages direct to final destination country.

We connect you to get direct contract with your company. So you need to worry about COD collecting. You get COD transfer every week or how you agree with them.

So is possible that clients get package next day or so.

Country Price € COD/price € Service
Slovenia 2,5 0,52 GLS
Hungary 2,5 0,66 GLS
Austria 2,4 3,5 GLS
Italy 3,9 1,00 GLS
Croatia 2,8 0,53 GLS
Germany 2,9 3,75 GLS
Czech 3 0,5 Packetka
Slovakia 3,2 0,3 Packetka
Poland 3,1 0,25 Packetka
Romania 3,6 0,5 Packetka
Greece 3,6 0,5 Expedico

*If Country is not on list make inquiry and we will provide you price.

**Prices of delivery costs may fluctuate depending on market/gas conditions

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